“Over the last 30 years of my Orthodontic practice, I have worked with many reputable and well regarded CPA’s and financial advisors. When I started working with Brandon Parkhurst in 2014, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of the business side of the dental industry. Brandon not only takes care of our monthly accounting and tax planning, he has been instrumental in helping us implement business processes and practices that have reduced our overhead and have more control over our practice finances.

Most CPA’s do a great job looking back into the past and telling you what happened the year before. I really appreciate that Brandon is also always looking forward and helping me to improve my business, and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Thank you for your help and advice, Brandon!”

Dr. Ronald C. Barnett, DDS, MSD

General Dentists

“As a new business owner of a startup dental practice, having Brandon and his team has been a huge help!  He came on board about 6 months after I opened and QUICKLY helped me organize all of my financials to prepare for tax season.  From figuring out all of my construction payments and all the different loans and suppliers, to getting my books caught up and now on automatic, to cleaning up my different entities, while also helping me manage practice expenses, he has shown that his expertise and knowledge are top notch.

He is always willing to help answer any question and is so responsive to my needs.  I can honestly say that the growth of my practice could not have happened without his involvement, and I am confident that he will only continue to help lead me with my planning and accounting needs.  His reports are organized and easy to read, which helps someone like me that knows little about that area.  I also like that he works with many small businesses and dentists because it shows the depth and extent of his experiences, so his advice is right on par.  Thank you Brandon and I look forward to a long-term relationship with you and Parkhurst Consulting.”

Dr. Alkesh S.


“Parkhurst consulting is the cream of the crop.  They are incredibly proficient in their knowledge, have plenty of experience working with other physician clients, and they go above and beyond.  Brandon leads the ship, and he has successfully advised my practice on topics such as converting to an S-Corp, structuring our chart of accounts, when to make major purchases, and providing performance metrics and projections so I can appropriately plan the growth of our startup business.  Parkhurst consulting is run strategically; if you’re looking for someone to partner with over the long-haul, look no further.”

Dr. Daniel S.

“Very personable and down to earth guy. He has experience working with many medical/dental practices around the country. Brandon always makes himself available and is on top of things. If it wasn’t for Brandon’s expertise and guidance we would not be thriving the way we are today!”

Dr. Adam M.

Small Business Owners

“Brandon and the team at Parkhurst Consulting have been an important part of my business and personal finances and tax strategies.  I highly recommend them.”

Mr. Gilbert F.