8 Common Missteps When Starting a Practice

The process of starting a practice is truly exciting. It’s full of amazing opportunities – and many potential pitfalls. For practice owners just starting out, or those who still in their first years of practice ownership, there can be a steep learning curve. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by new practice […]


What We Know About the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

  • by karakelley
  • Nov 03, 2017
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Congress recently released the details of the proposed tax plan. While there will likely be some changes made before it is enacted, here is what we know so far… For starters, on the personal tax side the proposed plan condenses the current tax bracket structure down to four brackets: 12% – $12,000-$45,000 for individuals and […]


Have You Made a Donation to Disaster Relief Efforts?

In the wake of several natural disasters and national tragedies, there is a huge increase in individuals, groups, and organizations collecting money for the victims of these calamities. While donations are usually made from a philanthropic desire to do some good in this world, sometimes they’re simply made by the desire to reduce one’s tax […]