Buying or selling a practice? Adding a partner or partner-track Associate? Most major transitions as a current or future practice owner require a significant amount of due diligence and financial analysis. You want to make the right decisions for your practice – and yourself.

Parkhurst understands the unique needs and considerations from every aspect of a practice transition and the ultimate goal of a long-term, mutually beneficial situation.  We know it’s important to become involved early on in the transition phase so each party is educated on the financial and relational implications in their advancement with each owner and their advisory team.

Buyer-Side Advisory

A critical component of acquiring a practice is financial due diligence. Even when the seller’s accounting is clean, smart buyers engage a CPA to analyze the numbers, provide financial perspective, and advise them on tax planning during and after the acquisition. Your Parkhurst team will review the financial position from all angles to determine if the practice is accurately representing itself and determine what actions need to be taken to make the transaction a sound long-term financial investment.

Owner-Side Advisory

You’ve worked hard to build your practice and are ready to sell. It can take years to develop an exit strategy that produces the highest return on your investment. Whether you’re retiring, starting a new chapter with a different career, or have an offer you just can’t refuse, it’s critical to have the most accurate and comprehensive financial information available. This benefits both parties – a potential buyer needs to see clean, accurate accounting so they can make an informed decision, and you need to be capable of forecasting the various financial implications to make strategic decisions about your future.

Partnership Splits

Practices owned by two or more partners are not always divided 50/50. It’s best to thoroughly examine the financial and sweat-equity investment of each partner when determining the allocated percentage of profit. Parkhurst has extensive experience valuing partnership contributions in dental and medical practices, and can work with practice leadership to develop a compensation structure that fits their unique situation.