What Does Your Accounting Do for You?

Are you using your numbers to look forward, or backward? How long does it take for your bookkeeper or accountant to prepare your financial statements? When you look at your financial statements, do you understand which numbers are most important? Do you know which questions to ask, and how your numbers should answer them? Are you comparing your practice to similarly situated practices? Do you benchmark your metrics to plan strategically and set goals for your practice?

Proactive practice owners know that old numbers aren’t useful. They communicate effectively with their bookkeeper or accountant to ensure their financial statements are compiled as quickly as possible, so they can use those numbers to plan for the coming months. Successful dentists and doctors understand that building a dynamic team of financial strategists is the key to creating and executing a functional plan that helps them meet the goals they set for their practice – whether they’re in the start-up, growth, or transitional phase of practice life. Enterprising practice owners know that no two practices are exactly alike, and understand the deeper calculations required to make an apples to apples comparison between practices. They know how to use their numbers to get the answers they need to measure the success of their practice.

Our clients use their numbers to plan, take action, and succeed.

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Accounting made easy.

We take the stress out of the accounting cycle. With the use of technological advancements for accounting firms, we have streamlined the process to require less time from the client on a monthly basis. This allows us to provide a faster turnaround of information, getting most clients their practice financial statements within a few weeks.

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Next-level analysis.

Do you understand the numbers you see on a financial statement? Are they the numbers most important to you? Do you know which numbers should be important to you? We take your financial statements to a higher level, and put them in a format that is easy to understand – a customized dashboard of your practice financials.

Clean. Timely. Valuable.

How can you apply your numbers to the strategic decision-making process if you don’t have them until months later? What value does improperly reconciled statements or miscategorized transaction provide? The fundamentals of accounting matter. Engaging with a firm who can provide clean, timely accounting and show you where your practice stands should be a priority. We make a commitment to clients to have their financials delivered in a timely manner each month.

Bridging the gap.

We take financial reporting a step further for enterprising clients who want to have a deeper understanding of the business side of their practice. Integrating critical practice stats with high-level accounting, we provide practice owners with the tools they need to make strategic decisions that directly affect whether they achieve their goals. This bridges the gap between the numbers in your practice and the numbers on your balance sheet.

Your practice. Your metrics.

The majority of our clients are dentists, so we tend to go the extra mile for dental practices. We invest in software that has capabilities beyond what practice software or our top-of-the-line accounting software possesses – in the form of tens of pages of metrics each month. But who wants to read that? We do, but we are the exception. That’s why we’ve created a dashboard of the information most important to you and your dental practice.

Accounting & Financial Statement Compilation Services

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