4 Reasons Your Employees are Leaving

  1. Benefits

    Health insurance, PTO, retirement savings = critical retention strategies! When employees of your practice have less vacation time than employees of a national pizza chain, it’s no wonder they’ve considered resigning.

  2. Opportunity

    Career development is an important benefit to employees, but the benefit is usually mutual to employers. If you’re not providing opportunities for advancement, your employees will seek them elsewhere.

  3. Position

    When you hired your front desk administrator, did you really hope you were hiring an office manager or marketing coordinator? Cross-training is an effective strategy for small practices, but when you don’t clearly define employees’ roles and think they’re okay taking on extra duties, you may end up short-handed.

  4. YOU!

    One of the biggest reasons employees leave is not benefits, pay, or job description – it’s their manager. Weak, inconsistent or aggressive management styles can make life miserable for employees. Fostering a negative environment because you refuse to handle problems appropriately (or the opposite – micromanaging) can lead to significantly increased turnover – both demoralizing and expensive.