4 Reasons Your Employees Hate Your Holiday Activities

1.) Required Participation

Truthfully, not everyone actually enjoys socializing with their coworkers, even around the holidays. Make sure any party, event, or group activity is entirely optional – without fear of retribution. Your employees will appreciate it.

2.) Sticker Shock

You never really know the personal budget your employees have for frivolous expenditures. A $20 minimum “Secret Santa” is petty cash for some, and one less gift for their children for others. Keep employee costs low.

3.) The Flow of Giving

Some practices have a tradition where well-meaning team members or office managers take up a collection for a gift to the doctors. Put a stop to this immediately. In any organization, employees should not feel pressured to contribute money to a gift for the person who signs their paycheck. Gifts flow down.

4.) Exclusion

One of the biggest reasons employees feel malcontent toward end-of-year festivities is the lack of inclusion when employers celebrate one specific holiday, or schedule events during times when some employees are expected to work. Consider scheduling events during times when patients aren’t in the office, and keeping the ‘holiday’ celebration neutral as not to exclude those of differing faiths.