4 Things Your Bookkeeper Wants You to Know

1.) Keep us in the loop. If you open a new bank or credit card account, or change passwords on existing accounts that your bookkeeper needs to access for statements, let them know as soon as possible to prevent a delay in reporting.

2.) Be proactive. If you want to avoid the January scramble for contractor TINs to process 1099s, make sure your bookkeeper knows of any contractors you’re using so they can get that W-9 documentation on file ahead of time.

3.) Submit your receipts. Even if your bookkeeper has access to download your transactions, there’s no way to know if your Amazon or Walmart order was personal, business, or both unless they have a receipt in front of them. Did you buy office supplies, marketing materials, and lab equipment in the same order? They need to know!

4.) You post your travel plans on social media… …don’t forget to tell your bookkeeper! Let them know the dates of business travel and if there were any specific personal charges from that trip that will be included on the statement. You’ll save your bookkeeper a lot of time researching out-of-state restaurants and stores, and will likely save yourself some time too, since you won’t have a long list of uncategorized transactions to explain.